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The beautiful roundness of a mother’s bump, the way her partner at her.... the first cry from your newborn baby, that moment when we fall in love with the most perfect baby in the world:, all of these moments are gone as soon as they appear. This is why next to photographing a wedding, pregnancy and baby photography is such an exceptionally rewarding part of my work.

My two little boys are fascinated by the fact that they were in my tummy and it is a wonderful thing to share with your toddler, child or even years later when he or she is expecting a child of their own. Your pregnancy and first few weeks with your new born is your opportunity to tell your baby's story from the beginning.

I value this time in your life immensely and as such I take care to work with my clients to produce images that reflect their personality and to make their portrait experience a truly enjoyable one that is reflected in the expressions on their photographs.

I offer the comfortable surroundings of  my own home studio complete with a full playroom for any little siblings and plenty of healthy snacks and drinks for both children and adults! Alternatively, and the most popular option, is for me to bring my portable studio to your own home to make life even easier for young children to relax at a time when they are coming to terms the excitment of mummy's growing tummy or the arrival of a sibling.

I am very flexible with how  I photograph you: alone or with your partner and/or big brothers and sisters. It is entirely up to you as to whether you would prefer to be either fully/partially clothed or nude, whichever you feel comfortable with. The ideal time for the photo shoot is around 6 weeks before your baby's due date. The pregnancy/bump portrait photo shoot will usually be done in your own home to maximise your comfort, but could be held in any location of your choosing including outdoors or a favourite beauty spot such as the beach. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.



Pregnancy/Bump Portrait Session - £85

Bespoke bump studio portrait shoot in the comfort of your own home designed to make the whole experience of a photographic session as effortless as possible.

Price includes One 10" x 8" print and private viewing of all images from your portrait shoot.


Spring Special Offer!

"Watch Me Grow Package" -£195 (normally £255)

This price includes three 10''x 8'' prints and private password protected gallery on my website.

This is a really special collection that captures the wonderful experience of your pregnancy, from bump to baby's first birthday and can even include a "Trash The Cake" photo shoot!

The price includes three individual home studio sessions, plus three 10''x 8'' photographs. This collection has been designed to capture the many wonderful stages that come with having a baby.

From the excitement of a growing bump, to the first precious shots of you newborn baby. The collection is finally complete with a photo of your baby following their first birthday and wiht this we could include other family members such as grandparents.

A wonderful option is to organise a little fondant cake for your baby's birthday shoot with me and allow him/her to "trash the cake". This is of course messy but looks spectacular when you let your  nappy clad baby stick fingers and toes into the cake and have some exploratory fun!! Please note - the photos would be taken on a paper photo roll which i can cut off afterwards so no sticky carpets should occur.

Please see this link to a beautiful music video of a pregnancy shoot through to when the baby is only 2 weeks old. It is really worth watching!!     Waiting for Arthur






Tips on preparing for your pregnancy photoshoot
Schedule your photo session on a day that you, your partner and your children (if they are going to be in the shoot) will be relaxed and not too tired. Try not to schedule too many appointments on that day before or after the shoot so we can take our time and you will not feel rushed.
At least two hours before the shoot, please try to remove or avoid any tight or elasticated clothing, underwear or a bra to prevent strap marks from appearing on your skin and leaving it marked. I recommend wearing plain clothing with no logos as these can be distracting from your beautiful shape.
Make-up should ideally be light and natural looking. A matte foundation, blush etc. to even out skin tones is perfect. IPlease do ask if you would like me to recommend a make-up artist for your shoot but this is not necessary requirement.

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