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Celebrity & High Profile Events  London, Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey

I have been commissioned to photograph spectacular wedding anniversary black tie dos with the sun setting over the harbour as well as high profile celebrity events in venues: Sotheby's in London; Cowarth Park for Princess Michael of Kent Book Signing; Kensington Geographical Society for an inspiring Jo Malone Speaker Event and  Eddie the Eagle's excellent presentation at Wentworth Golf Club - to name a few ! These events all require a photographer to draw on a number of skills: patience, presence and professionalism!

Milestone Events and Parties

Special occasions and events such as milestone birthdays, anniversaries, retirements and company events can take a lot of planning, care and investment and can also be a time when the most important people in your life will all be coming together in one place. In the same way that we would invest in capturing such important memories and details for a wedding, it is just as important to capture these precious moments in time in an equally precious way. We do live in a world where everyone carries a mobile phone and snaps away as they go. However, I have lost count of the amount of time people have come to me after an event and shared their disappointment that these phone images just did not capture their day or evening as they would have hoped.

Dark lighting and busy backgrounds are not something that a phone camera can deal with in the same way as an expert photographer with professional cameras. How many times have you seen what looks like a nice photograph with lovely happy smiling faces but has been ruined by grainy blue flash images? I have many times and it is one of the reasons why i so enjoy capturing these special events as much as I do weddings. It is because I have years of wedding and portrait photography expertise that I can go to an event and use these skills to create the best possible imagery as well as capture the emotion of the event.

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Here is an example of a party I recently photographed in Cannes during the property convention MIPIM with  Prime City Developments:

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