A Post Wedding Shoot - don't put your dress away yet! Fancy running into the sea with your wedding dress swishing around you as you twirl and your new husband watches on? I am not totally crazy. This is a fabulous new fashion style post wedding shoot that any bride should consider before she cleans and boxes away that dream dress.

Just to be clear, the title is a bit misleading as this is not literally about trashing your wedding dress but about creating some stunning, arty images . This shoot not only gives you the chance to wear your dress again but allows you to spend some relaxed and fun time being creative with your dress in a way that you would not have dreamed of doing or even had the time to do on your wedding day itself. You do not even need to get it dirty if you do not want to but can use this time to take it out on location and have some fun.

Wedding photography has been too traditional for too long and this new form of  "Dress on Location" or "Trash the Dress" type of photography has swept across the US and is becoming more and more popular here in the UK. So many brides worry about the weather on their wedding day as they want to be able to put their dress down and let it fall the way it has been designed to.Many others complain about how they wish they had been more adventurous on the day with it. A post wedding shoot or " Dress on Location" shoot is a wonderful gift for a bride and groom to give them something to look forward to whether it is a bride on her own or the newly weds together.

Naomi would spend two hours with you on location and this can be as extreme as running into the sea or letting the wind blow in your hair as you swish around the sands or pebbles. It can be as varied as woodland for the first hour and then the beach or a disused rail track! The options are endless and what a way to celebrate even more.

Prices start from £125 and include a framed 8" x 6" print. 

Already booked with me?  - Brides already booked with me you can consider adding the images to your high resolution CD or main wedding album. Contact Naomi on 07870 463109 or 023 9229 8028 or click on Contact.

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For more info or to discuss your requirements...  02392 298 028  Make an online enquiry  naomi@naomilloyd.co.uk
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