Professional Profile Portraits

We all know that first impressions do count and when it comes to social media a photograph will be your chance to create not just a good but an excellent first impression. Where people are looking to network professionally for their business, whether through sites such as Linked In, Facebook or Twitter, a professional photograph can be what draws people to your profile rather than being passed over.
I believe outdoor photographs on location are even better than studio portraits for catching people's eye and look just as professional if not more so. It does not have to be weather dependent as a good photographer will know where to look for top shade and excellent natural light throughout all the seasons. There are lots of great locations in and around Southsea,Portsmouth  and indeed all over Hampshire for taking professional profile photographs.

An outdoor beach portrait can also be a much more impressive or warmer approach if you are looking for some beautiful portraits for meeting someone through a dating website as well. Ever heard someone say "You look better in person"? The experts in online dating will always advise that the single most important factor in attracting the quality singles you want to meet is having a great photograph.

If you are posting an uncomfortable, blurry or dark photograph that makes you look twenty years older you are not just doing yourself a disservice but also your potential partner who may pass over your photo but would have definitely turned twice if he/she had seen you in person.

In both cases, whether for a professional business profile or for a dating website, we can look at creating you a set of portraits that will really present the picture you need. The idea is to show the personality that we have naturally, not to pose you in an uncomfortable position. The majority of us feel that we do not take a good photograph and that is where choosing a photographer who can help you enjoy having your photograph taken will make a world of difference both in business networking and personally.

From as little as £45 for a bespoke beach/location/city shoot we can create a really amazing portrait shoot for you.