Children and Baby Photography by Naomi Lloyd

Would you love to capture some relaxed, true reflections of you baby or toddler/young child as they are right now! Does it also feel like  a daunting prospect having to organise a time with a studio to coordinate with a sleep/feeding time?

As a mother of two small boys i know how difficult this can be and i am lucky that i can fill my own house with images of my children as i take them. I would love to be able to do the same for you in a photo shoot that suits your lifestyle. For smaller children it can be it be incredibly useful to have a studio style portrait in the convenience of your own home. I know only too well how much more relaxing it is if you know you can put the baby down for a sleep before or after a shoot or to let a toddler play freely whilst i take images of him/her in their happy/relaxed state.

My portable studio equipment can be set up in most living rooms using a black and /or white back drop and we can use comfortable props for babies where needed.

Alternatively, in warmer weather a lifestyle location shoot can be a lovely way to capture the smiles and laughter as your child plays on the beach and using my portrait lens and post editing skills the end result can be truly stunning!

I am more than happy to meet with you on an evening or afternoon to discuss what you would like to achieve from your portrait shoot, whether it is a beautiful image of you and your baby on canvas or a lovely photo canvas keepsake box with mounted images.

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