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After all the hard work and wonderful experience of your wedding day you will want a beautiful way to display your photographs and keep as treasured keepsake for yourselves and generations to come. For this reason, I have selected the premium album companies for you to choose from to ensure you have the very highest of quality in style and materials . You can choose from beuatiful matted albums from the elite Australian Jorgensen range, the stunning contemporary feel of a Graphi Studio Album from Italy or a more ethically based Folio lay flat albums which are fast becoming the most coveted album range of them all.

All of these album ranges provide a variety of front cover options from acrylic printed covers to permium and vintage leather and silk with traditional darker colours or brighter/pastel colours too. It can be lots of fun getting together after your wedding to choose the little details fro yoru album and even better, you can opt to have smaller versions of your main album for parents/ guests .

DVDs with with personalised photo presentation boxes, bespoke frames, signing boards, greeting cards and photos on canvas frames can all be added to a bespoke collection for you.  If you have anything else you would like to add please do ask - I have even been known to open a fun photo booth for your evening guests!

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